Essay Assignment

Going to college.  It was my first time living away from home.  These were days of meeting new friends and seeking.   All the folks around were mostly young and also seeking. Even driving myself  to classes The Seekers were singing out of my speakers,

“We’ll build a world of our own that no one else can share.  All our troubles we’ll leave far behind us there.”  We were in the middle of the Sixties in the United States.  But then later we were in the late Sixties.  Big difference, no doubt.

The Sixties slipped innocently in like a lamb, or it certainly SEEMED that way.  A young man of Irish m

Consider the Judicial Branch

During the winter of 1974 I walked home to my little apartment one night and realized my keys were locked inside. It was a dark, cold night near downtown Atlanta. Necessity required that I break out a pane of glass to gain entry, and so I did. After sleeping safe, sound and warm I replaced the glass the very next day. The landlady charged me with a crime. In court I knew I had done nothing wrong by gaining access to my home, and so my conscience was clear. I assumed justice would be done. I had acted responsibly in getting safely inside my apartment, and yet I was found guilty of breaking and entering. I was shocked. My conscience was clear and yet I was found guilty. “But…..a man’s home is his castle,”I murmured to myself in disbelief. An attorney overheard. He looked at me and said, “You didn’t have much of a case. Now you’ve taken up all this time and I’ve lost the chance to get my client’s case heard today.”

Living in Fake News Compost

I like to look at things from the perspectives of different belief systems and points of view. First Amendment rights are under attack just when people are awakening to realities like FAKE NEWS.

I believe in government systems based on truth. Consider the Judicial branch.  In a true system of justice the truth is key, but in our current state believing this can get you out of touch with reality. Same thing with other systems. In the case of Fake News we are talking about information systems. Recently more people have begun to think two things about information systems.

1. Information Media are a branch of    government.

2. The news is often not a matter  of accurate reporting, but an ongoing project of : WHAT CAN WE MAKE PEOPLE BELIEVE?

Personally, I prefer to believe the best in people. I believe CNN has an earnest Mission to tell us the truth. I keep comparing notes with other likeminded believers and also disbelievers. We talk about it. There is much disagreement. Some say, “Yes, they are earnest, but the wrong way,” that is to say earnestly committed to relentless lies. The skeptics think these almighty media moguls are not concerned with what’s best for their audience of lower beings, and that in their eyes what’s best for the broadcastees is not worthy of their concern. Maybe they are right. If so for the time being we are like a bunch of worms in a gigantic compost pile.  We keep getting fat with information, but we are just fat powerless worms.

Be that as it may with the info powers that should or should not be,in the long run the truth prevails. The castles of lies collapse. The worm turns.